Strengthen & Renew

CityTwist's AlumTouch™ is a full service provider of email advertising and database services for colleges and universities, independent schools (K-12) and charities. Leveraging CityTwist's opt-in database of 125 million consumers, organizations can immediately:

  • reduce communication costs by corresponding via email with existing alumni and donors
  • find and reconnect with lost alumni and donors
  • drive attendance to sporting events and other activities
  • meet admission and new donor goals.
  • conserve natural resources

With CityTwist, there are never any broker fees so we pass the savings back to you.

Find out today how AlumTouch can immediately help drive down costs while helping organization reach their goals.

Leverage Your Existing Relationships with Email Append

Your alumni and friends relationships are your most important assets. However, communicating with them is extremely expensive, and each year you lose touch with a larger percentage of your database. With AlumTouch's email append process, you can enhance your alumni and donor databases with active email addresses, communicate virtually for free, and as often as you like, and reconnect with lost alumni and donors.

Using CityTwist's 125 million opt-in consumer database, AlumTouch is able to match an average of 15%-30% of your alumni or donor database, returning only active email addresses. AlumTouch is the recognized industry leader in providing the number of valid email addresses, guarantees delivery of emails for 30 days and is the lowest cost provider in the industry.

With AlumTouch's append services you save a substantial amount of postage on your next direct mail or newsletter campaign. Best of all you only pay for deliverable emails. Consequently, there is absolutely no downside risk of paying for non-performing data.

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