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CityTwist's AlumTouch™ enables Universities and charities to combat escalating direct mail costs by enhancing the number of valid email addresses for alumni and donors and providing an efficient alternative to paper publications. AlumTouch is the better way to strengthen relationships with alumni and donors.

A database append product, AlumTouch provides development offices with the current email and physical address of alumni and donors. Email is free, and with AlumTouch, development offices can even find those alumni and donors that have moved, thereby saving money on postage. AlumTouch also enables you to re-connect with alumni and donors that may have changed email addresses by providing Email Change of Address (ECOA) or recently moved with USPS NCOA services.

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AlumTouch's Email Append leverages CityTwist's massive 125 million opt-in subscriber database, tapping into the wealth of hidden potential in your database. With no broker fees, customers realize significant savings. And by only paying for deliverable emails, there is absolutely no downside risk. All customer emails are guaranteed deliverable for 30 days.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of email marketing services especially catering to Schools and Universities. Athletic Departments can use Geo-Targeted Email Advertising to sell season tickets or single game tickets for sporting events. Admissions Departments can boost efforts by targeting households with high school-aged children through Custom Email Advertising and communicate in a cost-efficient manner.

Strengthen and renew alumni and donor relations today, and substantially lower your communication expenses with AlumTouch.