Email Append - add or update email addresses to your existing postal database.

  • CityTwist customers only pay for guaranteed deliverable emails
  • Match rates range from 15-30%
  • Average turn-around time is 2 weeks
  • In-house opt-in email database of over 125 million records

NCOA (National Change of Address) - CityTwist is a U.S. Postal Service license holder, authorized to update the physical address of consumers that have moved.

  • Match your postal file with the US Postal Database to correct/confirm
    your records
  • Save money by reducing your returned direct mail
  • Increase email append match rate with NCOA

Phone Append - add or update telephone numbers to your
existing database.

  • Most precise matching process available
  • Match rates range from 30-65%

There Is No Down Side Risk!

Communicating directly with vast numbers of alumni for free, and finding those
that have moved, provides significant endowment opportunities.