AlumTouch's geo-targeted email marketing is more effective and far less expensive than other advertising methods. Now, you can drive more prospective students or community members to your admissions office or campus events for just a fraction of the cost of traditional direct marketing.

Unlike email contact services, you don't need your own email addresses to use the service. No List? No Problem!

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Our service enables you to market to the general community, or custom select households with high school-aged children and appropriate household incomes. Hosting an admissions fair, campus open house or summer camp? AlumTouch can help you fill open attendance slots at a fraction of the price of other advertising media. AlumTouch can also be used to interactively educate the community about recent campus news and achievements.

Unlike other advertising methods, AlumTouch wants you to know how well your advertising dollar is working. Real time tracking is provided in your account, so that you always know how many people are reading your advertisement, going to your website, or printing special offers.

Is environmental conservation important to your school? With AlumTouch, conserve natural resources by sending digital messages and get a better response to boot!

There are no contracts, minimum spends or other hidden costs. With AlumTouch, we earn your marketing dollars one campaign at a time.